Muslim Brotherhood children wearing burial shrouds as they protest


Muslim Brotherhood children were made to wear burial shrouds as they protest to indicate that they are ready to be martyrs in the name of defending Morsi’s presidency.
This is yet again another disturbing violation of human rights committed by the Muslim Brotherhood. I dare anyone to talk to me about how peaceful and democratic the Muslim Brotherhood is after seeing this photo.

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Democracy 101 by the Muslim Brotherhood

Democracy 101 by the Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood may have been democratically elected (by a nation which had to chose a lesser of two evils) but they did not uphold the principles of democracy during their time in power.

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71% of Egyptians unsympathetic with pro-Morsi protests

71% of Egyptians unsympathetic with pro-Morsi protests

This chart was posted on Ahram Online on 22 June 2013

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Democratic Coup

Democratic Coup

Call it a coup if you want. But it is not a military coup. It was not instigated and led by the army. This was a democratic coup. A people’s coup. The army was simply the agent that fulfilled the demands of 33 million protestors, who wanted to remove a dictator from power.

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Cartoon of Egyptian 2012 Elections

Cartoon of Egyptian 2012 Elections

The poor and simple minded in Egypt were pressured to vote for the Muslim Brotherhood through bribes and religious threats.
Do you still think you were elected democratically Morsi?

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Political Cartoon III

Political Cartoon III

Don’t mix religion with politics kids

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Political Cartoon of Morsi II

Political Cartoon of Morsi

Mubarak tells Morsi what he did wrong during his presidency

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Political Cartoon of Morsi

Political Cartoon of Morsi

Morsi refuses to resign despite the will of millions of Egyptian protesters

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