Twitter Responses to Morsi’s demise






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2 thoughts on “Twitter Responses to Morsi’s demise

  1. ruleduke says:

    So is it a coup or not… because if it is, people will suggest one policy track. And if it isn’t, they’ll suggest another. What are the policies people were suggesting in response to Morsi’s incompetence again…?

  2. In my opinion, as per the definition, it is a military coup. But it was a military coup that responded to the people’s will and did not happen without giving the government a chance to respond to the demands of the protesters. When they failed to do that, the government proved itself to be inept, and the army saw that the only way to respond to the protests and prevent the escalation of violence was by toppling Morsi.

    And to answer your second question, the Egyptian people are neither policymakers nor are they political experts. All the Egyptian people want is to live a better life. And Morsi has failed in that respect. His ineptness has become evident in the past year. And that is not acceptable. The Egyptian people want political and economic experts to run the government and come up with policies that will improve the economy.

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